Activities in the LGA’s include.
  • Water inventory in the nooks and cranny’s of the LGA
  • Vulnerability assessment of villages and settlements within to diseases as water borne and basic facilities.
  • WES department formation in the LGA’s
  • Mandatory starting of the WES department with 4 units.
    • Water Supply
    • Environmental Sanitation
    • Health Education/ Health Hygiene
    • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Setting up of community management committees in the rural communities to manage water and sanitary infrastructures
  • Training on plan of community action plan – what can the community can do?
  • Encouragement on Sanitary facilities construction by socio-marketing.
  • Assistance on construction of prototype latrines in communities and schools.
  • Artisan training on hand pump maintenance.
  • Training Artisans how to build Sanplat/Household latrine facilities
  • Sani-Centre formation in communities sold and replenished by locale.
  • Artisan training on Supply Chain Initiative.
  • Social Marketing on use of Sanitary facilities in different communities
  • Involvement of traditional rulers in different communities managing hand pumps, boreholes and sanitary facilities.

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